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Cleanse the liver folk remedies

Tyubazh treatment

The value of tyubazh – washing biliary tract. When conducting tyubazh stones do not come out, however, this procedure eliminates stagnation of bile, which promotes the formation of stones. Trouble with the liver I started to have long to bother. It hurts, you feel sick after some food. With skin also started to have problems. I have consulted a dermatologist, who said: "I Want to skin – first, heal the liver." I already and itself understood that it is time to pay attention to your liver.

And then one day we were invited to visit with her husband – as usual delicious and plentiful table. But the next morning was not good, the liver is increased pain and nausea did not pass. With grief in half I brought myself up, and went to work. I told your troubles to your employees, here's a woman very highly recommended recipe for cleansing the liver.

The most suitable for this purpose method is a therapeutic tyubazh. This will suit a variety of folk remedies with choleretic effect, vegetable oil, salt laxative, choleretic collection, warm mineral water, xylitol or sorbitol. Last, I really liked. With the use of this folk method, I decided to start at home, a little later I found a second recipe (it may be someone more suitable).

Recipe 1. In the evening no later than 19 hours of easy to eat. 22 hours stir a tablespoon of sorbitol in a glass of water, drink it all at once. Then go to bed with a warm hot water bottle on the liver area. With this warmer I slept. Daily for weeks I did this procedure. After this three more times, but only once a week.

Recipe 2. In the morning on an empty stomach to take 0.5 glass of warm water or infusion of herbs cholagogue;

in half an hour, one tablespoon of honey to dissolve in 0.5 cups of warm water and drink;

- with a warm hot water bottle in the liver area to lie down, to lie down for 1.5 hours;

-After this procedure done a few deep breaths, sit-UPS, and after that you can have Breakfast.

The above-described methods I used as a prevention. Approximately once in 3 or 4 months I alternate one or the other method to cleanse the liver.

Today I can confidently say that my liver is normal. And tyubazh used to cleanse the liver, I recommend to try those who have pains in the liver, or who have problems with skin. It may well be that after the firstof course the trouble with the skin will leave you. My good friend for a very long time to get rid of acne after having tyubazh, acne disappeared.

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Erofeev – melon post

From how good is our liver, depends very much in the human body. Mood, emotions, passions, joys and sorrows – it all depends on the health of our liver. The condition of our skin, too, tells us how well the liver performs a cleansing function. Different spots on the skin, rashes and, most importantly, itching, tell us that the liver is bad. Is changes in behavior and in the character of a person, also can talk about the disturbance in the liver. The person becomes nervous, irritable, grumbling, always dissatisfied, suffers from insomnia, nightmares, drowsiness or the opposite – then it's time to do liver cleansing with the help of folk remedies.

Now I will share with you a brand new recipe liver cleanse at home, it you have not seen anywhere else, in any other sources. This way I discovered myself through their observation and research skills.

Before you start cleansing the liver, as well as any other body necessary preliminary preparation of the body to this:

- It is necessary to abandon the use of toxic substances: alcohol, drugs, smoked, synthetic products ( Coca – Cola, chips, etc.).

-The best time for liver cleanse is during the waxing or full moon (if there is such a possibility).

-A special diet must begin to observe for two weeks to cleanse the liver. You need to give up meat and meat products (sausage rolls, pies, etc.), fish, eggs, milk, sour cream, bread, flour and pasta. The menu should consist mainly of vegetables raw, boiled or steamed. You can also potatoes, cereals rice and buckwheat. During the period of preparation is good to drink hot green tea is good with lemon. During the day you should drink at least six cups of green tea. Hot green tea promotes excretion of harmful and toxic substances from the liver and pancreas.

Course people's liver cleanse lasts two weeks. The main product used in the purification is melon. The bestvariety is ellipsoid oblong dark green melon. Daily from 7 hours to 22 hours you should eat only melon. Consumption of melons is not limited. Best of all, however, that in the diet was observed randomness. Divide the melon receiving on five receptions. To eat melon can still add welcome green iced tea. Cold green tea stimulates circulation need juices in the liver and pancreas. Tea can be drunk in unlimited quantities. After 22 hours there and not drink.

At the end of a two week liver cleanse, it is necessary to gradually move to the usual food. The transition time is approximately three days.

The first day after the liver cleanse: at Breakfast eat two crackers from white bread, washed down with warm green tea. Lunch: half a Cup of boiled rice water. Dinner – two crackers with green tea. Very good day to drink one liter of grape juice, preferably dark grapes varieties.

-Second day: for dinner, their menu, you can add boiled vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, carrots).

Third day: at lunch you can eat boiled vegetables and boiled chicken (small piece), Breakfast and dinner on the last day.

Then you can eat as I used to. But again, do not forget that it is not necessary to overload the liver with different poisons and toxins. Certainly abstain from alcohol. How to eat less meat and meat products, sausages and synthetic products (miscellaneous canned food, Cola, chips, canned fish)

The result of this cleansing will be a feeling of ease, like reborn. The mood is great, a burst of energy and optimism.

Liver cleansing rosehip

In the evening prepare an infusion of rose hips. To do this, three tablespoons of berries rosehip brew 0.5 liters of hot water in a thermos. In the morning in a glass of infusion of rose hips, dissolve three tablespoons of xylitol or sorbitol, stir well and drink in one gulp. After 20 minutes drink the remaining infusion in a thermos, do it without adding neither xylitol nor sorbitol. After 45 minutes you can enjoy Breakfast. For Breakfast eat a juicy fruit or vegetable salad, nuts, an infusion of raspberry leaves, currants and rose hips. You can also eat a piece of dried bread. In between the meals or fluids you need to move actively (but don't stray too far from the toilet!).

In case the liver cleansing you did not hold long, then this procedure should be done three times in one week. In the future, as needed.This Shoe, very simple and effective.

The course of cleansing the liver by the hips is carried out 6 times in 2 days on the 3rd (example: Friday, Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday). After this cleaning can be done once a week. In addition to cleaning the liver of a wild rose using this method, cleaned and lymph nodes of the liver. And this in turn is reflected in the whole body.

System liver cleansing

Before you begin cleaning your liver at home, you need to clean the colon. Thanks to the colon nearby organs heated. In the case where the colon is intoxicated, the work of all the digestive organs and kidneys starts to get out of order.

Cleanse the liver folk remedies you should systematically observe some rules:

1. In the intestine should not be, no constipation and blockages. It must be absolutely clean. In order for emerging from the liver toxins – the black stagnant bile, a cholesterol tube, bilirubin stones without obstruction out through the anus without poisoning the body again.

2. Olive oil can be replaced only sunflower refined oil. Don't look for surrogate substitutions virgin olive oil and lemon.

3. Before the cleaning procedures of the liver, it is good to switch to a vegetarian diet ( yielding wonderful results urinotherapy).

4.To get good results observe the biological clearance time (from 01.00 to 03.00) if the cycle repeats, from 13.00 to 15.00 in the afternoon, but with a less good result.

5. To achieve good results, you need to be sure powerful creative and aesthetic abilities of your body.

Nothing to fear, either at the beginning of the procedure, nor in the output of various wastes. Can come out and green scales bilirubin large size ( of a walnut), softened the stones, cholesterol tube (cut worms).

For the procedure of cleansing the liver, use 200 grams of olive oil and 200 grams of lemon juice. On the first day – make an enema, throughout the day drinking fresh Apple juice in unlimited quantities.

Day two – same as first.

Day three – repeat the same, but the Apple juice already drink up to 13 hours ( at this time, according to the daily biorhythm, liver relaxes). Then go to bed with a hot water bottle in the liver area, every 15 minutes, make the oil and juice in this order: three tablespoons of olive oil, drink three tablespoons of lemon juice.Two hours after that, a heating pad can be removed.

Toxins usually come out three times a day. If the cleanup were based on urine therapy, the first time stones come out after 4 to 5 hours, the second after 7 – 8 hours, the third after 9 – 10 hours from the start of the procedure. After the third visit the toilet, you can do an enema, Breakfast juice, cereal or fruit. At the expiration of 12 hours to do another enema.

Throughout the week the food should remain vegetarian. Through the intestines will even out the toxins, the color of feces is light.

For starters, to repeat this process once a quarter. In the second year you can have once a year. People who have gallbladder has stones, it is good to eat 4 lemons a day, they can grate the zest, season to taste with honey or fruit sugar, for 1.5 months.

The old method of cleansing the liver

Wash thoroughly with 10 kg of radish, remove various damages, skip through a meat grinder together with peel. Using a juicer or a press, squeeze the juice. The end result is 3 liters of juice and cake. Store juice in the fridge. Cake mix with honey, with sugar (on 1 kg cake 300 g of honey or 500 grams of sugar) to put the oppression and leave in a warm place.

Juice take one teaspoon an hour after eating, if you do not feel pain in the liver, the dose can be increased to 1 tablespoon, then increase to half a Cup.

If you feel pain in the liver, it may indicate that the bile ducts have accumulated a lot of salt and rocks, in this case, the region of the liver put a warm heating pad. It is noticed that the pain is present only at the beginning of taking the juice, then it passes. Salt leave the body unnoticed, however, the cleaning result is huge.

While taking radish juice, avoid spicy acidic foods. The menu should be vegetarian, avoid meat, fish, eggs, muffin, also "heavy" starches and fatty meals.

B. V. Bolotov recommends mandatory as soon as juice, eat cake. Just this time it will sour. Take it 1 – 3 tablespoons during a meal, until the whole cake over. It is very important to strengthen the body, in particular for lung tissues and the cardiovascular system.

Liver cleansing for Sarajevo

During the week to eat strictly vegetarian food. The evening before cleaning day, eat saladfresh vegetables seasoned with lemon juice.

At 9 o'clock in the morning to cook porridge Hercules on the water and eat. 12 hours of the day to drink this tea: 1/2 teaspoon of St. John's wort 1/2 teaspoon peppermint pour 200 ml of hot water, add lemon juice and honey.

Before drinking the tea, swallow 2 – 3 tablets of extract of buckthorn or sheet of the Seine.

At 14 o'clock on the region of the liver put a heating pad in an hour again drink 2 – 3 tablets of laxative herbs, drinking hot tea, continuing to warm up the liver.

18 hours in the oven dry salted crackers, thin slices of bread. To prepare the juice of one lemon, dilute it in the same amount of water, brew coffee (2 h per Cup of water).

Then swallow one tablet shpy or 1 tablet of papaverine.

19 hours to take 150 g of olive oil (you can to others, but most importantly quality vegetable oil) to wash it down with lemon juice, then coffee. Eat biscuits and lie on your left side, try to relax. As soon as one hour, have another drink 150 g of oil. In the evening and in the morning take an enema.

The liver to clean house and get rid of the stones in this way. One kg of white onions clean from the husk, wash, mince. Place it in a glass bowl and pour one liter of liquid honey. Leave in the refrigerator for 10 to 14 days, sometimes stir, drink 1 tbsp 3 times a day for 20 to 30 minutes before meals.