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Treatment with decoction of oats, the beneficial properties of oats to the liver


Botanical characteristics of oats

Oats is an annual cultivated plant, growing not more than five feet in height. This plant has adventitious and fibrous root. On the straight, with dense nodes of the stem are linear leaves green color, rough, located in the next position. On top of the stem is a spike, collected in panicle, consisting of 2-4 flowers. Oat flowers small and bisexual. The fruit of the plant is a small weevil, which is surrounded by scales.

Flowering plants starts with summer and lasts until July. Ripening is at the end of summer – beginning of autumn. Oats are very rarely found in the wild. It grows on the fields of Europe, Asia, North America, Lithuania and Estonia. Also, it is growing in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia.

The beneficial properties of oats

Oats has many useful properties. It is used as an anti-inflammatory agent in inflammations of various organs, including the gastrointestinal tract. Oats contains an enzyme that improves the absorption of carbohydrates.

Due to the content in oats magnesium plant is used to improve the cardiac and nervous systems and metabolism. Oats – a means of boosting the immune system, so it is recommended to apply in the initial stages of hypertension. Preparations of oats up the balance of silicon in the body, strengthens blood vessels and musculoskeletal system of the body.

Oats contain not only silicon, but also it discovered phosphorus and potassium, so the plant is recommended for diseases of the heart and kidneys. Oats also improves mental activity of man.

Thanks to the beneficial properties of oats, many diseases can be cured with it without taking medication.

Oat oil

Oat oil obtained from the seeds of plants using the method of low temperature extraction. This oil contains such nutrients as vitamins E and A, fatty acids, bioactive components and many others. Oat oil is used for erosions and ulcers. It contains retinoids, which improve vision. Thanks to the abilityproperties of oils to rid the body of sand and stones it is used for urolithiasis.

Oat oil can be used internally and externally. It helps with cramps, as a sedative, emollient, nourishing, normalizing means. The oil can also be used instead of sunscreen.

The use of oats

Oats has been successfully used in folk medicine. Preparations of oats normalizes the heartbeat, appetite, relieve insomnia. Bath of oat rheumatism, disorders of metabolic processes in the body and gout. Porridge oats are recommended in diseases of the intestines and stomach, lungs and kidneys.

Infusions of oat straw are used as diuretic, diaphoretic, carminative and antipyretic. A decoction of oats is recommended as an excellent laxative drug. The oats used in diathesis, eczema and fatigue. Jelly, made from oats, has a slight protective action in the body.

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Oats helps get rid of excessive sweating feet. It is used in the treatment of herpes in children and also as a remedy for Smoking.

Oats the flu. You need to take 1 Cup of oats, beans, rinse them and pour 1 liter of water. Leaving the composition on the night, in the morning we put it on the fire until such time as the liquid will not be exactly half of the original volume. Strain the finished broth should drink in one day warm. It is also necessary during the day to drink 2 cups yogurt 5 cloves of garlic, previously crushed and mixed with yogurt.

Tincture for kidney stones. For its preparation take green oat grass, pass it through a meat grinder. Next, take a half-liter jar and fill it completely crushed grass. All pour vodka and leave for 14-20 days in a dark room. It is necessary to periodically shake the medicine. After straining the infusion can be apply 20-30 drops that are diluted in 1 tablespoon water. Take a tincture three times a day before meals.

Oats against Smoking. Take 50 grams of oats, the same of barley, millet and rye. All mix and pour two cups of water. Put the composition on the fire and bring to a boil. Hold for another 10 minutes on the fire. Next, pour all in a thermos and leave for 12 hours to infuse. Strain the finished infusion, it take 100 ml three times a day until the dayuntil the aversion to Smoking.

The decoction of exhaustion. Take a glass of grains of oats and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Put on fire and cook until until a jelly. Strain the broth, add milk in the same quantity as pudding. Put the part again on the fire for a few minutes, then cooled and added to a broth 3 tablespoons honey. Take the medicine warm 200 ml three times a day.

Tincture of oats with insomnia. Take 1 tablespoon of oats and mince. Pour the prepared raw material is 100 ml of vodka and leave for 2 weeks in a warm room. Taking medicine 30 drops diluted in water. take this infusion is produced twice a day.

Oats in hepatitis and chronic gastritis. Take half a Cup of oats and my it. Next, fill it with 500 ml of pure water, leave for 12 hours to infuse, after we put on fire and boil for half an hour closing the lid. When remove from heat, reserve the broth for 12 hours to infuse. Next, bring the money received by the water to get 500 ml. is drug 70-100 ml three times a day before meals or in between it.

Oat wraps arthritis. Take an enamel bowl and pour 2/3 of the volume of oat straw, hay dust and pine twigs (all in equal amounts). Then cover everything with water and put it on the fire for half an hour. Insist 20 minutes. Now take a sheet and promotive it in the broth. The same procedure is carried out and with socks and rags for the neck and hands. Slightly squeeze the cloth and quickly wrapped the hands, put socks on my feet, body wrapped up to his armpits. Go to bed and bundle up tightly with a blanket. Like this lie for about two hours. These wraps made daily for 30-60 days.

A decoction of oats

Few people realize what secrets of health and longevity conceals so unremarkable in appearance the plant as oats. Meanwhile, drink the broth from it instead of tea advised at the time of the ancient Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates, confident in the extraordinary healing properties of this herb. Further his theory (about 400 years ago) confirmed the French physician Jean de Sainte-Catherine using this product for medicinal purposes three times per year. Due to this or not, but he lived until... 120 years!

The use of decoction of oats is invaluable, because this cereal contains various amino acids,minerals, proteins, fats, starch, vitamins, essential oil, into the broth. In this form the use of this plant best. The preparations have diuretic, tonic, enveloping, diuretic, antipyretic and carminative actions. To enjoy all the beneficial properties of plants, only need to regularly consume broth made from oats, which is easy to prepare at home.

A decoction of oats with pancreatitis. Before the preparation of the drug the seeds of the plant are carefully sorted out, separating them from the husk and damaged seeds. The remaining seeds pour warm boiled water and put them on a few days in a warm place. After germination, beans should be thoroughly rinsed, dry and grind into flour in a coffee grinder. In the future, the flour diluted in a ratio of 1 tablespoon per Cup of water. The mixture was boiled for 2-3 minutes, to insist hour and drink in one go. Drink the broth to a full recovery.

A decoction of oats during pregnancy, in General, has no contraindications. The main thing that the woman was following exactly the right amount and not overdone. The course of treatment with decoction of the plant should be carried out after consultation with and under the supervision of a physician.

How to prepare a decoction of oats? A decoction of oatmeal – best replacement for the coffee and tea you can drink at least every day. To make this a truly useful product, you should use whole grains. Oat cereal sold in grocery stores, are not suitable. Oats (2 cups) is poured into an enamel pan and pour 250 ml of cold water. After 10-12 hours they swell. Then added water so that it covers the grains, and the pot placed on the fire.

The broth needs to simmer at least 1.5 hours under a cover on small fire. As the water boils, it should be refilled. After cooling, the cooked oats pulverized in a blender and mix the resulting mass with water. The mixture again boiled to the consistency of thick jelly.

How to drink a decoction of oats? Even Hippocrates advised to drink a decoction of oats without any tricky recipes – like tea. It is best to consume small SIPS for half an hour or an hour before eating very slowly and savoring. In the treatment of various diseases recommended different doses of the decoction and the number of receptions for the day. Of course, that the most right dosage can only suggest a specialist.

Contraindications to the use of decoction of oatsis likely to have a formal character, but in matters relating to human health, there is nothing than could be neglected. Included inthe composition of cereal bioactive substances have certain chemical and biological features, due to which the treatment with decoction of this plant is contraindicated for people with kidney and cardiovascular failure, remote gall bladder, individual intolerance.

Healing properties of oats

Oats – an excellent tool for improving metabolism, removing toxins and harmful substances from the body. This is an indispensable tool in the treatment of diseases of the liver, pancreatitis, gastritis. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and normalizes cardiac rhythm, a beneficial effect on the nervous system and life energy, improves the immune system. Its grain is able to normalize the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, they help cleanse the blood vessels from sclerotic plaques.

If you want to have healthy skin, strong nails and thick hair, preparations made from oats is the way to go. However, for one to two weeks, significant improvements are not expected, but with regular intake of decoctions, tinctures and extracts from this herb, you will achieve stunning results. The preparations of this plant also inhibit the addiction to opium, and tobacco.

The broth: a tablespoon of crushed oat grain needed to fill the evening with two cups of warm boiled water, morning boil for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink as tea before meals.

How to prepare oats? In different cases and for each specific objective has its own methods of welding this medicinal plant. When brewed it and insisting it retains the highest amount of nutrients. Preparations from oat grains cooked with milk and water (with honey), insist in a thermos is heated in the oven or in a water bath. To use for these purposes, it is recommended that clay, cast iron or enameled pot.

Live oats reduces ORP of water at -970 mV

The ORP value (redox potential) of the drink made on the basis of "live" oats, close to ORP of the internal environment of a person. This saves you the energy of cellular membranes to the correction of ORP is supplied to the body fluid and to fully digest it.

For its production uses only pure water and natural grain of oat in 2 liters of water, 140 g of grain. To prepare the drink oats washed until then, until it will not drain clean water, plucked from impurities. Then you need to put washed oats in a glass jar, fill it with clean drinking water.

The Banksealed with plastic wrap and put in a dark place for 16 hours. During this time the color of the drink will change a portion of the grain falls to the bottom of the jar, and the part will remain in the upper layer of water.

Problem may be the appearance of mold on the top layer of oats. This not only gives the drink an unpleasant taste and smell, but also very harmful to health. To solve this problem there are several techniques.

Ways to prevent mold:

  1. Rinse the grain the anolyte water with ORP of more than +800 units;

  2. Rinse the oat soda solution;

  3. After 11-12 hours of infusion of oats, you need to take a wooden spoon the top layer of oats, will not fall to the bottom (a metal spoon to apply in any case impossible, as the metal takes electrons). And then put in the fridge for another 10 hours. The drink is ready.

For prolonged storage it is necessary to pour under the neck, in containers of a smaller volume, be sure to cover tightly. Properly dispensed beverage can be stored in the refrigerator up to 3 days at room temperature up to 6 hours.

Oats, remaining in the Bank, you can use 2 more times, again filling it with water. The period of preparation of the drink, reduced: 8 hours at room temperature and 8 hours in the refrigerator.

In the result of performed experiments comparing performance of drink at the beginning of cooking, 10 hours later and at the end of the process of creating a beverage from the "live" oats.

Key indicators of the composition of water at the beginning of the cooking:

  • ORP water: +249 mV;
  • pH is 6.9;
  • Mineralization – 215 mg/l

After 1.5 hours:

  • ORP water: +153 mV;
  • pH is 7.3

After 4 hours:

  • Water ORP: – 0,84 mV;
  • pH is 6.4

In the finished beverage after 16 hours after the start of cooking:

  • ORP water: -721 mV;
  • pH - 5,6;
  • Mineralization – 343 mg/l

Performing basic arithmetic, you can see that the ORP of the water has changed from 249 to -721. The difference amounted to 970 units.

A negative ORP of oatmeal

Interesting information: a negative ORP water is not in the oats, and the microorganisms that eat the oats. Therefore, for the feedstock, you can use any cereal

If you can not make a drink fromwhole grains, you can use oatmeal. The baseline product is slightly worse, and it also has healing properties – ORP beverage of oatmeal without the impurity will be less than -970 mV, from a mixture of different grain -577 mV. The preparation of the drink is not too difficult: flakes should rinse and fill with clean drinking water.

Ingredients required:

  • 3 liters of drinking water;
  • 2 cups of cereal.

A jar of drink you need to close the lid and put for 24 hours in a dark place. Obtained after straining the drink should be stored in the refrigerator. The flakes can be used again, the Gulf water for another 24 hours. Indicators of the drink and its taste at the output will be identical to the first party.

Milk with oats cough and diseases of the bronchi

Such a mixture is considered to be very effective in inflammation of the lungs in children, in diseases of the liver and kidneys, dry cough. Sometimes the milk is poured into a ready-made broth and boil it for a while or initially preparing the drug in the milk, proviva it oats within the hour.

Oats with milk for dry cough

To prepare milk decoction of oats 1 Cup of oats with husks (after washing it) add it to the pan and pour one liter of milk. Simmer on low fire for 1-3 hours. Milk maybe it's time to yellow, this is a normal reaction.

Then the broth is filtered and added butter (50 grams per 1 Cup milk) and honey (1 tablespoon to 1 Cup milk). Stir it carefully. This infusion during the day for half a Cup, up to 6 times per day. But be sure to drink a glass of this means for the night!

Oil and honey, if you want, you can add less or more. But both of these important ingredient in any type of cough.

Oats for the liver

This grass is used for purification and to restore the liver. The most effective drugs are considered oat decoctions in milk. However, their preparation is necessary to use only high quality raw materials. If soaking grain POPs up more than 2 % of the grains, such oats are unsuitable for treatment. That's why it is better to buy only in special shops.

Treatment oats liver. Few of us needcleaning and treatment of the liver, with the abuse of fried and fatty foods, alcoholic beverages. Suffering from liver and from the constant reception of various drugs and antibiotics. It is known fact that most of them have a substantial list of side effects, negatively affect the functioning of the liver. That is why it is recommended in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes to drink products oats two or three times a year.

A decoction of oats for the liver. A classic recipe of decoction involves boiling three pints of water 2-3 cups of unpeeled oat grains (depends on how concentrated the broth you want to) for 3 hours. During boiling it is recommended from time to time to stir the broth, but after cooking it carefully overcome. The decoction to drink 100-150 ml 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2-3 weeks. Very useful such a tool in combination with honey and milk.

Quicker recipe: pour 1 liter of boiling water 2 cups oat grain with husks, cover the pan with a lid and wrap well, leave the mixture for several hours, then strain and take half a Cup before meals 2-3 times a day.

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Oats for weight loss

This cereal is not only perfect diet product for normalizing digestion and cleaning the body, it can help you to lose weight. The polyphenols contained in oat kernels, are actively involved in lipid metabolism and contribute to a more complete digestion of fats. In addition, they are able to enhance the contractile work of the muscles.

A decoction of oats for weight loss: a glass of raw oat grains need to pour a liter of water and infuse for 10-12 hours. After swelling the grain, add some more water and put the mixture on fire. Once in the water you will see bubbles of air, it is necessary to remove the heat to low and simmer for about a half hour. After this decoction should be filtered, and the swollen grain to wipe the blender and mix again with the broth. The entire mixture again to a boil and cool. The decoction is taken one hour before meals 2-3 times a day one glass. Keep the refrigerator. The course of treatment – 2-4 weeks, depending on results achieved.

Sprouted oats

Healing properties of oats are the most valuable when it slightly grows. It also contains silicon, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vegetable proteins, vitamins and fiber. Sprouted oats improves liver and gall bladder, restorescardiac function and normalizes the blood vessels of the brain.

Folk medicine recommends to eat sprouted oats with physical and nervous exhaustion. In addition, oat germ is a valuable component of a healthy diet.

To prepare medicines of this useful herb is not recommended to use grain intended for planting. They are treated with chemicals for better storage, which is not useful to the human body.

To be sure in the quality of beans, buy them in pharmacies or specialty shops. They must be of black spots and molds, they must be integers.

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Hulless oats

A distinctive feature of this type of cereals is the complete absence of flower films. Because of this, oats of this type weigh less than (1000 seeds – up to 25 gram), although the density is higher than hulled varieties.

Hulless oats is of great value in the food because it contains much more of proteins, fats and starches. It is especially valuable when sprouting activity of amino acids in the seedlings is much higher, and they act as natural energy, removing the gray in the hair, and imparting cheerfulness to the human body.

The infusion of oats

Recipes tincture of oats there is a great variety. Each of them is intended for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Recipe 1. The infusion is prepared at the rate of 100 grams of oat grains in 1 liter of boiled water. Insist the mixture at room temperature for 10-12 hours, then filtered. Useful this infusion of diabetes.

Recipe 2. You need to fill up in 250 ml of boiling water a tablespoon of chopped oat straw, leave the mixture for about half an hour and strain. It is an effective remedy for arthritis, which should be drunk three times a day half a Cup.

Recipe 3. To prepare you need to pour 0.5 kg of untreated oat grains by liter of boiling water and infuse for 30-40 minutes. Take this tool 100 grams 3 times a day before meals. Infusion is very good for the treatment of cholecystitis.

Contraindications to the use of oats

Cholelithiasis is the main contraindication to receiving decoction (infusion) of oats!

After cholecystectomy oats also contraindicated.

Not recommended to exceed the dosage, and the presence of cholecystitis andserious liver disease is desirable before use of funds from the oats to consult a gastroenterologist!