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Rice diet for 3, 7 and 9 days

The rice diet is a hard diet, which can be used to get rid of extra pounds, and also for the treatment of various diseases. Weight loss program with the help of rice was created in 1939. Its goals were to eliminate obesity and kidney disease, normalization of high blood pressure, diabetes. Menu rice diet involves the restriction of salt and sugar, thereby additionally accelerating the process of weight loss.

Reviews of people who have experienced rice diet indicate that it is very effective and allows you to reset the 30 days before 14 kg.

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What are the benefits of this diet?

With the help of rice diet weight rid not only women but also men, and of every age. Rice is equally useful to both sexes, this people have known since ancient times. 80% of the cereals consist of complex carbohydrates and only 8% from protein. Rice has no gluten, which very often cause allergic reactions. Little cereal fiber (not more than 3%), so it is ideal for weight loss.

Thanks to the rice diet can lead to normal functioning of the nervous system, as rice is rich in vitamins of group B. due to the lecithin from rice it is possible to stimulate the brain. Rice is an absorbent, which absorbs all harmful substances, displays the body of excess fluids, accelerates metabolism and thus starts the process of active weight loss.

The undoubted benefits of the rice diet is reduced to the following points:

  • Rice has a relatively low calorie content. Its use in food allows you to remain full, despite the limitations in the menu.
  • Rice is able to absorb not only excess water but also harmful substances gently bringing them out. In the endthe intestines will be cleaned without the use of an enema.
  • In rice a lot of useful micro - and macronutrients, including phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, iron and calcium. Therefore, rice diet will allow you to saturate the body with necessary components.

In the composition of the figure is present is a substance which allows to envelop a stomach wall, creating on its inner surface a protective film. This property of rice necessary for those people who suffer from high acidity of gastric juice and gastritis.

In rice, contains the following set of b vitamins: thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), vitamin B6. In addition, the grits are amino acids necessary for body cells to divide. Is rice protein, but it a little – not more than 7-8%. Cereal contains gluten which is present in almost all other cereals.

Useful qualities of rice are due to the following components of its chemical composition:

  • Lecithin. This ingredient is necessary for normal functioning of the brain.
  • Oligosaccharides, which help to establish the bowels.
  • Potassium, which removes from the cells the excess fluid and salt.
  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid. It allows you to normalize high blood pressure.

The caloric value of rice 100 g is 323 calories.

Rules rice diet

Rice diet suggests the following rules:

  • Morning must begin with an intake of rice. It is prepared according to the specified in the diet prescription.
  • Before proceeding to the next meal, have half an hour before this process to drink a glass of water. Next time make the liquid you will be in an hour after a meal. This rule you need to follow in order not to have a negative effect on the ability of rice to absorb the toxins.
  • During the day you should drink at least 1.5 l water as the rice tends to strengthen the chair.
  • Salt should be abandoned altogether or reduce its amount in the diet to a minimum.
  • To improve the taste of food cannot be supplemented with mayonnaise and various sauces. With this, you can use only vegetable oil.
  • Together with harmful substances fromthe body is not derived potassium, it is necessary during the diet to eat foods in which it is present. It can be apples, pumpkin, raisins.
  • Before you begin a diet, it is better to prepare in advance. To do this, for two days before the diet should eat 3-4 tablespoons of boiled rice. This should be done on an empty stomach.

Hard rice mono-diet for 3 days

If you stick to a strict rice diet for 3 days will be reset 2-4 kg excess weight. However, to get involved in this weight loss program is not necessary. To repeat it no sooner than after 30 days. Otherwise, such a sharp limitation in the menu threatens the depletion of the body with the loss fat and muscle tissue.

Mono-diet for 3 days suggests the following recommendations:

  • Rice for cooking you need to take brown. 1 day would require about 400 g raw cereals.
  • Rice boiled in water until tender.
  • Received the amount of cereal should be divided into five portions.
  • Rice during cooking and before eating do not add salt do not add to it the spices and seasonings.
  • If hunger becomes unbearable, it is permissible to eat two apples. Preference should be given fruits green.
  • During the day drink at least 2 liters clean water. You can also drink green tea, but the sugar in it should not be.
  • If one is engaged in sports, during a diet exercise should not be too intense.

Menu for 3 days

  • First day:

    • Breakfast: serving of rice without salt with the addition of lemon peel + a green Apple.
    • Lunch: 150 g salad from fresh vegetables with refuelling from lemon juice without oil + a plate of vegetable soup without salt + a serving of boiled rice with greens and a teaspoon of olive oil.
    • Dinner: portion of rice + boiled carrots + vegetable broth.
  • Second day:

    • Breakfast: rice with a teaspoon of reduced-fat sour cream and greens + orange.
    • Lunch: portion of rice + boiled vegetables.
    • Dinner: rice + steam vegetables.

  • Third day:

    • Breakfast: rice with cinnamon + grapefruit.
    • Lunch: rice + 150 g braised mushrooms + salad with fresh vegetables with a dressing of olive oil (teaspoon) + vegetable broth (200 ml).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + steam broccoli (150 g) + vegetable broth.

  • Gentle rice diet for 7 days

    If you want to survive on a rice diet for more than 3 days, you should choose gentle option to get rid of excess weight. The program lasts for a week and other than rice suggests eating certain foods. This will make the diet more balanced and easier to move food restrictions.

    The rice should be cooked, its use in food can be combined with this set of dishes as:

    • Vegetable salad with herbs;
    • Low-fat fish and meat;
    • Fresh juices;
    • Fresh fruit.

    It is important during the seven days weight loss program to adhere to the following guidelines:

    • All dishes should be prepared only for a couple or cooking.
    • For the day you need to eat at least 5-6 times. The portions should be small.
    • The proportion of rice and fruit: 0.5 kg to 0.2 kg. If hungry, the amount of fruit can be brought to 0.5 kg.
    • Salt or other seasoning to the rice cannot be added.
    • Sure 1 time a day you need to eat a product containing acid. It can be orange, Apple, lemon, berries.
    • Not to forget the sufficient intake of clean water. A day you need to drink at least 2 liters fluid. Also allowed to drink green tea, but sweeten it.

    Menu for 7 days

  • First day:

    • Breakfast. For Breakfast boil 60 g of rice. For taste you can add lemon juice. For dessert, an Apple and green tea orinfusion of herbs.

    • Lunch. For lunch, soup and vegetable salad 150 g, And 60 g of boiled rice. For taste you can add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and some greens.

    • Dinner. For dinner, cook yourself a vegetable broth and boil 60 g of rice. To the rice add vegetables like carrots or zucchini, steamed.

  • Second day:

    • Breakfast. At Breakfast, 60 g of boiled rice with low-fat sour cream. And one grapefruit.

    • Lunch. For lunch a vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice. Cooked vegetables. Cook a double batch, because the same thing will happen tonight.

    • Dinner. Dinner same as lunch

  • Third day:

    • Breakfast. For Breakfast one pear and 60 g of boiled rice. For taste sprinkle the rice layer with cinnamon.

    • Lunch. For lunch a vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice. Fried mushrooms, with a volume not more than 150 g Mushrooms should be fried in olive oil.

    • Dinner. Dinner vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice and a serving of broccoli, steamed.

  • The fourth day:

    • Breakfast. For Breakfast fruit salad and 60 g of boiled rice with milk.

    • Lunch. First the vegetable broth, the second of 60 g of boiled rice. Also radishes and carrots, steamed.

    • Dinner. For dinner vegetable salad, and 60 g of boiled rice and some sunflower seeds.

  • Fifth day:

    • Breakfast. At Breakfast, 60 g of boiled rice with raisins. And half a Cup of yogurt.

    • Lunch. For lunch a vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice with greens. And some steamed greens.

    • Dinner. Dinner vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice with crumbled walnuts and a bit of spinach, steamed.

  • The sixth day:

    • Breakfast. At Breakfast, 60 g of boiled rice with a few walnuts and berries of figs. And one Apple or pear.

    • Lunch. For lunch a vegetable broth and some raw vegetables and, of course, 60 g of boiled rice.

    • Dinner. Dinner vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice. In rice, add 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream and a couple of apples or pears.

  • The seventh day:

    • Breakfast. At Breakfast, 60 g of boiled rice and one Apple or pear.For taste can to rice to add a little lemon juice or honey.

    • Lunch. First the vegetable broth, and 100 g of green salad. The second on 60 g of boiled rice. For dessert, beans and tomatoes, steamed.

    • Dinner. Dinner vegetable broth with 60 g of boiled rice with one teaspoon of olive oil. The rice can add few olives and Basil. For dessert, a little zucchini, steamed.

  • Easy rice diet for 9 days

    A variant of the diet is one of the easiest and effective. Those pounds, which will be free for the first 9 days of the rice weight loss programs, will not return. Tolerated nine-day the diet is quite easy, as it is not hungry.

    During the process of weight loss allowed the following products:

    • Fish low-fat varieties.
    • Gifts of the sea.
    • Meat (beef and poultry).
    • Fresh fruit. You cannot enable the menu only avocado, grapes and bananas.

    • Bread and bread made from whole wheat flour.
    • Dried fruits.

    To the diet made it possible to achieve the desired results, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • For the day you need to eat about a pound of rice.
    • Cereal is not salted and no flavor.
    • The total mass of the additional products shall not exceed the pound 200 g of which falls on meat dishes.
    • We must not forget about the water.

    A one-day menu rice diet for 9 days might look as follows:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice with apples.
    • Lunch: rice, mushroom soup, cucumber-tomato salad with added bell peppers.
    • Dinner: boiled rice with beans and corn.
    • Snacks throughout the day can fruit.

    Menu for 9 days

  • Day 1:

    • Breakfast: cooked rice + an Apple.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + bread from rye flour + vegetable salad +Turkey boiled (150 g).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + steamed vegetables.
  • Day 2:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + grapefruit.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + bread from rye flour + vegetable salad + boiled fish (150 g).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + vegetables.
  • Day 3:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + dried apricots.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + veggie bacon + boiled beef (150 g).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + vegetable broth + steamed vegetables.
  • Day 4:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + banana.
    • Lunch: vegetable rice + bread from rye flour + vegetable salad.
    • Dinner: boiled rice + yoghurt.
  • Day 5:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + dried prunes.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + bread from rye flour + vegetable salad without oil + boiled chicken (150 g).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + grapefruit + banana.

  • Day 6:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + raisins.

    • Lunch: boiled rice + vegetable soup + boiled beef (150 g).
    • Dinner: boiled rice + steamed vegetables + vegetable broth.

  • Day 7:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice with cinnamon + walnuts + dates.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + vegetable soup + boiled fish (150 g) + vegetable salad.
    • Dinner: boiled rice + yoghurt.

  • Day 8:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + dried fruits.
    • Lunch: boiled rice + vegetable salad + vegetable soup + boiled fish (150 g) + bread from rye flour.
    • Dinner: boiled rice + vegetable broth.

  • Day 9:

    • Breakfast: boiled rice + orange.

    • Lunch: boiled rice + vegetable soup + vegetable salad + boiled chicken (150 g).

    • Dinner: boiled rice + boiled vegetables.

  • Options rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body

    To get rid of excess weight and cleansing the body do not have to adhere to a long rice diet. Excellent results can be obtained by practicing rice fasting days. Once a week select menu based on rice to maintain her figure in shape and to clear the body of toxins. Nutritionists recommend eating cooked rice, adding yogurt, buckwheat, apples. Of course, we cannot forget about the use of clean water in sufficient quantities.

    Kefir-rice diet

    Kefir rice diet involves the consumption of cereals and milk drinks as the main food. To complement the menu is vegetables, fruit, lean fish or meat. Under the absolute ban gets salt, sugar, coffee. Hard kefir rice diet is not recommended to adhere to more than five days, but a soft diet can be spread out over two weeks.

    If we consider a strict yogurt-rice menu, it involves consumption of yogurt with rice for Breakfast, boiled rice with vegetable salad for lunch and yogurt with rice for dinner.

    If the choice was stopped on the gentle salt-rice diet sample menu will look like the following:

    • Breakfast: yogurt + fruit or berries (your choice: strawberry, Apple, pear, grapefruit).

    • Lunch: 100 g boiled rice + 100 g meat (you can use low-fat fish or seafood) + bread from rye flour.
    • Dinner: 100 rice porridge + lettuce.

    • An hour before a night's rest, you can drink a glass of kefir or low fat yogurt.

    Rice-Apple diet

    Weight loss program based on rice and apples was created by nutritionist David Kempner (England). It involves eating only green apples and rice. To eat these products should be for 3-5 days. Under an absolute ban salt and spices. However, cereals can be boiled in milk.

    Menu for 1 day involve the use of Cup of rice boiled. The entire volume should be divided into several portions and eat throughout the day.

    Also in the daily ration included 250 g green apples that you can eat raw or cookcompote with the addition of dried fruit.

    Buckwheat-rice diet

    A diet based on rice and buckwheat can last for 3-5 days. Experts advise to stick to a menu based on cereals or in the beginning of the period getting rid of extra pounds, either at the end of the slimming process. This will give the body the "shake-up" and speed up the metabolism.

    A balanced diet buckwheat, rice diet as follows:

    • Breakfast: Apple green (2 PCs).
    • Snack: boiled buckwheat (4 tbsp) + butter (1 tbsp).
    • Lunch: 5 tablespoons of boiled rice + nuts + lemon juice.
    • Afternoon snack: salad from vegetables.
    • Dinner: 3 tablespoons of boiled rice + 100 g steam of meat (chicken or lean fish) + 100 cheese with nuts.

    Rice and honey diet

    Rice with honey is useful for the human body. All the therapeutic qualities of rice are enhanced thanks to this sweet addition to the menu. Honey enriches the body with minerals and vitamins and also acts as a natural antidepressant. If rice secures a chair, honey, on the contrary, gently regulates the bowels.

    It is important during the diet to eat only natural product which contains no harmful preservatives and not been pasteurized. Necessarily in the daily menu should include lemon juice, which is combined with honey will provide an opportunity to speed up the process of weight reduction.

    The menu suggests the use of the following products:

    • You should boil a pound of rice, which is divided into 5 servings and eaten throughout the day.
    • Every day to drink honey-lemon drink (250 ml). To make it in a glass of warm water dilute 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and honey.

    Rice diet chicken and vegetables for 9 days

    One of the most correct and balanced diet is the one weight loss program menu, which is rice, chicken and vegetables. During all 9 days, the body receives sufficient minerals and vitamins to maintainlife support functions are normal. Eat to small meals, break between sets to the table should be at least 2.5 hours. Dinner is to be held no later than 19:00. If you adhere this weight loss program, you will not only lose weight but also to cleanse the body without harm to health.

    The diet follows.

    • From the first to the third day only eat boiled rice. In the day to eat a Cup of grits.
    • From the third to the sixth day you can eat only the chicken by removing the skin. Per day can eat up to 1 kg chicken.
    • From the sixth to the ninth day you can eat only vegetables. The day allowed to eat up to 800 g different vegetables. They are not pickling or salting.

    Diet geisha on brown rice and green tea

    The figure of the geisha has always distinguished elegance and loftiness. It is therefore not surprising that women around the world aspire to know the secret of their perfection. Gorgeous shape and the geisha manages to keep the rest of your life. This is possible thanks to a diet built on a menu of brown rice and green tea. It is worth considering that diet geisha is not suitable for women with weak body or lack of willpower.

    You can eat only cereals brown and green tea. All other products are banned. The diet can last from 3 days to a week. The specific term depends on the extract losing weight women and the condition of her body.

    The menu is as follows:

    • In the morning you need to drink 0.5 l green tea, which can add a bit of milk with a low percentage of fat.
    • At lunch eat 250 mg of brown rice and drink again 0.5 l green tea.
    • For dinner, the lunch menu is repeated.

    Rules out of the rice diet

    Rice diet will not gain extra pounds after its completion only in the case if to get out of it properly.

    It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

    • New products should be introduced to the menu gradually and one at a time. The amount of portions should be small.
    • In the menu there should be a lot of salt or sugar. Later others needto enter meat and milk.
    • It is not necessary to consume fatty, fried or starchy foods. Better such dishes to give at all.
    • You need to drink a lot of water, even after the rice diet is completed. This will help maintain the metabolism at a proper level.


    Stick to a rice diet is not for every person.

    Is contraindicated such program of weight loss in the presence of the following diseases:

    It is impossible to practice rice diet for pregnant and lactating women, as well as during the recovery period after suffering colds.

    Cons of rice diet

    The rice diet has certain disadvantages. Most often it causes constipation, that happen almost every losing weight on the rump of a human. To avoid this problem, nutritionists recommend to drink laxative teas. However, they also have some contraindications and do not always cope with their tasks.

    If it's too long to stick to a rice diet, the possible jump of insulin in the blood, which is also a negative point.

    Except that the rice absorbs toxic substances, it is parallel to removing them from the body calcium.

    Salting rice is not allowed, so the taste of the main meals will be dim. Due to the fact that the body is not fed salt, he will leave the liquid. Therefore, to completely abandon salt still should not be. Otherwise you may experience problems with heart and blood vessels.

    The recommendations of nutritionists

    Nutritionists are convinced that the rice diet is a great way to cleanse the body of harmful substances and to lose weight. However, to weight gone not back, need to move more. Well, if you have the opportunity to engage in sports, fitness, dancing, pool. This will allow you to maintain muscle toneand charge the body with energy.

    Researches have allowed to establish that the hard rice mono-diet, which lasts for 2 days or more, leads to various health problems. In particular, the body increases levels of cortisol (stress hormone) which negatively affects endurance. Moreover, almost all dieters have noted the deterioration of General health, occurrence of headaches and unconscious States.

    To support your body recommended every day to take 2 mg of fish oil. This will allow you to fill the deficiency of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also during the diet additionally take vitamin-mineral complexes that replenish its reserves of nutrients and allow you to maintain a normal salt balance in the cells of the body.